Tohatchi High School is a highly dedicated and well-rounded educational institution, aiming to ensure relevant learning and success for all students in a multi-cultural society. The school prides itself on having a diverse and competent staff to cater to various aspects of students’ needs in both academic and extracurricular.  

The teaching staff at Tohatci High School consists of 19 highly trained and skilled teachers.  Our teachers cover a wide variety of subjects including our core content areas such as English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. We have a teacher who teaches Business Vocational which provides our students with an introduction into business and entrepreneurship and is our flagship for our “School of Business.” We also have two programs of studies Wood Shop, which is a three-course sequence (10th, 11th, and 12) and PLTW Computer Science, which is also a three-course sequence (10th, 11th, and 12th grade). Physical Education and Fine Arts teachers are on staff to provide students with a well-rounded education encompassing both physical activity and creative expression.  We also have a Heritage Language Teacher, emphasizing the importance of preserving and teaching the Navajo language and culture.  

It is equally important to recognize our support staff; we have 6 responsible support staff members who play a crucial role in administrative, organizational, logistical, and custodial aspects. The support staff plays a vital role in maintaining the well-being and smooth functioning of the school. This includes the front office staff, who are responsible for administrative tasks and ensuring the needs of students are met promptly. The Health Aide provides medical support for minor issues, and the custodians diligently maintain a clean and safe environment for all.   

To cater to students who require additional assistance, the school has two highly trained Special Educators. These educators are equipped to provide support and accommodations to students with diverse learning needs.  

The well-being and emotional health of students are taken care of by an experienced Counselor, who offers support in various areas of life, both academically and personally.  

Furthermore, the school boasts an exemplary Dean of Students with a focus on discipline and core instruction. This role involves providing student discipline using a Positive Behavior Intervention that allows the student to reflect on their actions and decisions so that they may learn from them and not repeat their actions.  In addition, the Dean of Students will help support the teaching staff’s effectiveness in delivering the curriculum.  

This year, we will continue to focus on both Reading and Math proficiency for all grade levels. We have a well-developed plan and training in place to ensure that our students become proficient in both Reading and Math.  

In addition, the school will be providing Layer 2 intervention in the classroom, and it will be built into the instructional period. This involves small group instruction targeted at students who require similar interventions. This program’s success is built on the collection, analysis, and implementation of student academic data. The school’s instructional staff is highly skilled in mining and analyzing this data, using it to tailor unique and targeted approaches for each student’s success.  


Richard Moore 

Principal/Athletic Director